28 March 2009

Happy Anniversary, Maggie!

Our pal Maggie has been hosting her long-running WPRK show, Punk Rock in Your PJs, for almost as long as Crusty Old Wave has been off the air -- 10 years! This is a really remarkable accomplishment not just for college radio, but radio shows in general. Anyone who has read this space for any length of time knows I have a long relationship with WPRK starting from being an intern to a host to a producer and general supporter/fan. Part of the magic of college radio is that the shows, tastes and attitudes change with the years, but I do admit that there is some pleasure in knowing that a few staple shows are going to still be there as the seasons change, and PRiYPJs is one of those we always enjoy.

I think this anniversary is particularly noteworthy in light of all the “life changes” one typically goes through post-college, such as getting married and having a kid and -- (shiver) “settling down.” For most people, their priorities as well as tastes change, but Maggie is still brimming with that youthful energy and passion for the music she plays -- mostly punk-pop from the 90s to today, with a handful of “old-school” punk like her beloved Ramones. I find it very inspiring as part of my ongoing efforts to find new music to enjoy, and Heather and I listen to her show (now via the internet) whenever possible. We invite our readers here to give it a spin (just click here on Tuesday nights 8-10 EST) and join the gang of regulars in the extra-fun chatroom during the show!

(we never had live listener chatroom interaction in my day ... grumble grumble ...)

Cheers for a great 10 years!

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