16 August 2008


I decided the Chasbah empire needed a music blog to go with the political, Canadian and the (on-hiatus-since-2005, but will return one day! he said, waving his fist in the air!) film blogs. If I added Mac- and Doctor Who-themed blogs, that would be almost my whole life out in the ether. :)

My most recent encounter with the force of nature known as music collector Ron Kane inspired me to start buying music in good old-fashioned shiny-round-thing format again, which I have to say does give one a lot more to write about than a digital download (damn those kids of today and their fancy technologies!), and I've also been influenced in part by some really great music blogs already out there like Egg City Radio and PVAc to 44.1 kHz.

So this one will also have audio content as well as writing about music albeit with a twist: in the spirit of Made in Britain, each audio portion will include an introduction and/or commentary included. If you want the unaltered track, buy the damn song and support these great artists!

While the focus of TIRC will be the core of the music that interests me, the late-70s/early-80s punk, new wave, ska and psych movements, you can expect a lot of rule-bending on that point so we don't get trapped in a box. If I can in some small way expand your musical horizons, then my work here is done, citizen.

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