20 March 2009

Back on iTunes!

After a short fubar-esque delay caused by a bug in iWeb 09, I'm pleased to report that Chas' Crusty Old Wave - The Podcast! is now available again on iTunes. Subscribers should finally be getting February's episode (#63).

If you are not already a listener, and think you would enjoy a rather smart-alecky tour of the best in obscure New Wave Music as only college radio can provide, you can easily subscribe through iTunes by clicking here, or if you do not have iTunes (what?!) you can always visit the website directly here.



Ron Kane said...

Yes, Chas-san - but it's a down-load! Post the darned playlist of your shows, so us dial-up (i.e. not paying too much for the 'net customers) can enjoy, too.

chas_m said...

You're right, I need to find an easy way to post the playlists. I will look into it asap.