14 July 2009

Annie Lennox Mashup Appetizer

Ooh, hit a bit of a snag with my latest album review -- um, long story -- so while we wait for that to get sorted, here’s a lovely video hackjob someone put together, a kind of overview of Annie’s solo career (mostly, though there’s more than a few nods to Eurythmics period in there) that’s darn catchy.

This reminds me that I’ve never seen the actual video for her cover of “No More I Love Yous,” but from the clips used here I’d say Lene Lovich should either feel very honoured or have her lawyer on danger money.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe it ever came to this but I am so over this woman. Have been for 15 years, too. Just another instance of the Kate Bush Effect ®! My love affair with her art ends (at least on a high note) with "Diva." Everything else I've heard after that has been dismal to my ears.