13 August 2009

Another Discovery: Hey Marseilles

A couple of weeks back I mentioned a band I had found on the intertubes that I really liked, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Without meaning to toot my own (fog)horn more than I usually do, my years of being a radio DJ and music critic have really helped me spot bands that stand out from the crowd (you can check out the ridiculously exhaustive “best of 2008” summary for a taste of that -- I’m proud to say that most of those bands have reached new heights so far this year).

Anyway, I believe I’ve spotted another group that’s poised to conquer the world, or at least move enough units to get iTunes to love them like I do. :)

They’re a Seattle band called Hey Marseilles (for those who’ve never been to that delightful French city, it’s pronounced “Mar-SAY”), and they play fresh-baked indie-pop that takes a little from The Decemberists, a little from The Wonderstuff, perhaps a pinch of Elvis Costello and Sam Phillips and maybe more than they know from the folk era and combines it with their splendid, first-person poetry. Here’s a video that kinda sums them up for me:

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