23 December 2009

Your Xmas Present from Radio Chas!

Last year at this time, I labouriously compiled a list of some of my favourite seasonal music -- much of it quite explicitly dealing with Xmas, but some of it not (but capturing the spirit of Nöel just the same).

It was, and still is (in my humble opinion) a good playlist of songs that aren't heard so much anymore, or are too new to be considered "xmas fodder," or were just unfairly overlooked.

There were a couple that did not get on the list last year, mainly because I could not find videos for them (or should I say, “videos that didn’t suck out loud.” Cripes but there’s a lot of crappy xmas music out there).

This year I’m not even going to try to put another 12 video together, but what I am going to do instead is post a few videos (probably three or so) of seasonal songs I still love (whether they are “established” xmas songs or not).

Had I known an actual video for this song existed, it would have gone straight to #1 on my list from last year. I have always thought this band should cut an entire album of Christmas songs, particularly the “ancient” ones of the Elizabethan and Restoration periods, as that’s their speciality. This song has long been a favourite “holiday” tune of mine, and imagine my delight to discover that not only did they make a (very primitive) music video at the time, but they have recent (2004) videos as well!

So here’s a great forgotten band of the 70s, Amazing Blondel doing “Cantus Firmus to Counterpoint.” Enjoy.

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