24 February 2010

Catching Up with Curt Smith

Hey, remember Curt Smith? The other half of Tears for Fears?

Yeah, he’s still in that band (after taking the 90s and some to be a solo artist), but he’s also still doing the solo thing, and like his musical partner Roland Orzabal, raising a family and doing boring stuff too.

Still, while his musical output has been diminished in terms of frequency (and mass popularity) outside the TFF brand name, that’s not to say it hasn’t been worthwhile. As an example, he recently created a new one-off single (a trend I hope a lot of other artists pick up on as opposed to, say, making fans wait the better part of a decade for each new album -- I’m looking at you, Trash Can Sinatras) that's pretty nice (and you'll hear it below so you can judge for yourself).

The interesting part about this is that he found a collaborating musician for the track entirely via Twitter, someone who was also an established musician but entirely unknown to Curt -- and even more interestingly, they only finally met in person when she handed him the tape of her “parts” on the track (a compilation of 80 -- yes 80 -- alternate bits he could use where he wanted) at a TFF concert.

This whole working-collaborations-via-the-internet thing has been around for a while, but it’s nice to see how the software used today makes it possible for even complete strangers to collaborate, and Curt has many more thoughts on Twitter, the other social services (and their overall worth), how songs are put together these days and (best bit) the future of commercial music in his opinion in a well-done Mashable interview.

If you like what you hear below, you can also follow Curt on Twitter (and catch more than a glimpse of actual communication between him and Zoë Keating) and of course check out his web site for all his latest news.

From the independent release, here is All Is Love from Curt Smith (featuring Zoë Keating):

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