27 December 2010

A Boxing Day Bounty

A momentary diversion from the countdown of the 12 best Canadian bands of 2009 (will we get to #1 before 2010 ends? Stay tuned!), to bring you a little prezzie for the season.

I’m as sick as you are of Christmas music. Very few of the usual suspects are any good to start with, and only if you’re quite lucky did you hear the “good” versions before all the crap ones started rolling in, and man that pile of crap gets bigger every year, with 99 percent of them easily graded as “absolutely dreadful.”

That said, winter (particularly the bit around the holidays) is a special time of year, astronomically if in no other way, so I can put up with a bit of Christmas cheer here and there -- in limited quantities. Of course, that’s the problem -- you never get “limited” quantities. :)

Anyway, I resolved to find some winter music from people who know winter very well indeed -- Canadians. With the help of some fellow Canadian music blogs, I was eventually able to pluck 17 examples -- mostly original songs but with some covers old and new -- of seasonal music that doesn’t send me screaming out of the room. I call it Head North for the Holidays -- and while Christmas is featured, so is winter generally, and even Diwali gets a shout-out!

This compilation will be packaged up and available in other formats, but for now I wanted to at least offer a streaming, playable version. The entire album is 50 minutes -- and I do hope you’ll stay with it even if this or that song is not to your liking. Most of them are quite short, so sit tight and a “good” one will be on soon, I promise.

If you’re not completely sick yet of music that talks (a lot) about snow, you might give this a little spin. My gift to you for no particular reason. :)

“Head North for the Holidays” curated by chas_m

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