16 March 2013

Catching up with C-COW

A few months back, I had to move my podcast (Chas’ Crusty Old Wave, or C-COW to some) to a new host so that people could continue to listen to it either from a site or through iTunes. I ended up using a host called Buzzsprout which I like very much except for one thing, but apart from that one thing they have been fantastic. If you have an MP3-based blog, I really can’t think of a better host unless you’ve got your own Wordpress thing going on -- and believe me I looked at a lot of podcast hosts before settling on these guys. Great support, fair pricing, no hassles no worries.

The “one thing” that bugs me is that they don't support the mpeg-4-based “enhanced podcasts” I had been doing, and I am still researching a solution that will let me achieve all my goals (9 out of 10 of which Buzzsprout have managed) plus that 10th thing. Many people listen to my podcasts without worrying about the format or noticing that using MP4 means I can insert cover art for every song that plays, or that the podcast will pick up where you left off. MP3-based ones preserve the music just fine, but they don't offer graphics of any kind nor do they have bookmarking.

I hope that Buzzsprout will consider taking on “enhanced podcasts” (and believe me I’ve lobbied them!) but if it doesn’t happen soon I’ll make other arrangements. Life is change, though any movements I make shouldn’t effect listeners much other than the return of cover art, et cetera.

While I work on the next episode, I thought you might like to “catch up” on the latest three episodes that have been posted, so I’ll post them here for your listening pleasure.

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