11 August 2014

COW #142 -- 23-July-1994 -- "When Lightning Strikes"

Doh! I forgot to let my loyal blog readers know that I put up a great new episode of Chas' Crusty Old Wave up recently. Interestingly, the original recording and the release as a podcast were both on July 23 -- only 20 years apart!

When I tell you that this one is truly an electrifying episode, I mean that literally. Not only does it feature another great array of 80s music (with a couple of new-for-1994 releases thrown in), part of the original broadcast was knocked off air by lightning! We were right in the middle of Tim Curry's "I Do the Rock" when the station got hit with a lightning strike near enough to take us down. For this podcast, I've restored the full song that was interrupted, since you just DO NOT interrupt Tim Curry when he's on a roll!

On top of that "shocking" event, this episode features music from Spandau Ballet, XTC, the Undertones, new releases from the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure, Joey Ramone and Holly Beth Vincent, the Bolshoi, David Bowie, Ultravox, the Knack and more. There's also a live acoustic version of "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran, and some rarely-heard music by amazing Athens-Atlanta swing-pop band Donkey, who hosted an unforgettable concert in Orlando that evening. And this is just the first half of this originally three-hour episode (I'll post the second half next month!

Prepare to get your ears zapped with pleasure as we listen to the night WPRK went from 1,300 watts to 50,000 volts! Enjoy!

You can listen to the episode below, download it from the web site or subscribe to it in iTunes for free. Let us know how you like it at crustyoldwave@me.com, and enjoy!

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