29 March 2009

Juno What? We Won!

I’m pleased to report that one of the bands I picked in my Canadian Top 5 -- the Stills -- have won two Juno awards this year, in the categories of Alternative Album of the Year and, oddly, New Group of the Year.

I say “oddly” because The Stills aren’t new at all -- Oceans Will Rise is their third album, and they debuted in 2003 with Logic Will Break Your Heart.

(shrugs) Oh well, good on ’em and congrats. More Junos are yet to be announced, and this post will be updated if events warrant, but frankly the “televised” awards seem very focused on the bands with high name-recognition outside Canada, such as Feist and the Barenaked Ladies.

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Anonymous said...

I remember being introduced to The Stills before their first album came out. They were opening for an Interpol show at the Kool Haus (in Toronto) and they really wowed me. I still love their debut album. I thought Without Feathers was lacking though. I haven't listened to their new album yet, so hopefully the Juno awards are a good sign.