30 March 2009

March Episode Now Available!

Just in the nick of time, the March episode of Chas’ Crusty Old Wave
is available for download either via the website or directly from iTunes. This episode features a focus on Elvis Costello’s “Brutal Youth” album, some rants against the then-new teen curfew in downtown Orlando, and best of all, Liz Langley's hi-larious Horror-scopes.

Not to mention a ton of good old-fashioned alterna-rock back when the term meant something.

Those of you who check it out via iTunes, could you take a moment and rate/comment on the podcast? It will help get the word out. Thanks!

1 comment:

Ron Kane said...

Ep. #139:
Church of the Sub-genius - wha? John Foxx - yeah! Kirsty MacColl - yes! Wonder Stuff - OK, then. Iggy Pop - Guess so. Icehouse - alterna-wha? And the best Blur single.
- RK