07 September 2009

The August -- Oh Wait -- The End of Summer COW Now Available!

The August episode of Crusty Old Wave is up and available from either COW Central or directly from iTunes (where you can subscribe for free if you haven't already, and thus get every new episode automatically!).

We’re celebrating the show’s 18th anniversary by replaying the show’s 18-month anniversary back in 1993. This one -- even more so than usual -- hit the "obscure" bin extra hard and pulled forth a bevy of beauties if I do say so myself. Some of these songs I haven’t heard since those days, and I could kick myself for that!

Of course we also thrown in a helping of well-known 80s songs, the occasional “new” (circa 1993) thing and one or two curveballs, along with nostalgia features like the concert calendars of the day as well as your government-issue Public Service Announcements. I wish the last 1/4 of the tape had better audio quality, but you know, when you’re listening to great New Wave music, it’s all good.

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