09 September 2009

Free Song From "The Lovemakers"

The Lovemakers are an Oakland CA band with an interesting twist: they broke up romantically just as the first album was being written, but decided to carry on as a band anyway. This sort of thing rarely happens (and even more rarely works) in “real life,” but the rules are apparently different in the rock-music world (Chris Stein/Debbie Harry, Exene Cervenka/John Doe, there are lots of examples).

The Lovemakers are, in my own humble estimation, a pretty okay pop band. That is to say, I’m not sure I would buy the whole album, but the song presented here (courtesy of iTunes’ Free Single of the Week) is fine, and pretty representative of their style. Duos are apparently taking over what’s left of rock music, and there are quite a few good ones out there (Mates of State, The Submarines, Pet Shop Boys, Bad Lieutenant just to name a few).

Click here for the free single (DRM-free MP4 file; must have iTunes of course).

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