10 January 2010

2010: The Year We Make COW-ntact

January’s episode of my new-to-you podcast, Chas' Crusty Old Wave, is now available either via the website or directly from iTunes. We’ve been very pleased with the attention the show has been getting lately, and we hope you will subscribe (it’s free) so that new monthly episodes are automatically delivered to your iTunes.

This particular episode features a short interview with Orlando band Potential Frenzy, part of an exceptionally good local-band scene Orlando was blessed with in the mid-90s. You really did need to go out three or four nights a week back then if you wanted to catch all the good stuff going on around town. Last I looked, there are still a fair few interesting combos doing the club circuit, so wherever you live, make a new year's resolution to check out and support local music!

Of course, the show also features plenty of the 80s-era crustiness you’ve come to expect, plus a few surprises -- including a very rarely-heard Monty Python bit!


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Ron Kane said...

Post a Playlist for those of us who are allergic to iTunes, Chas-san!!