13 August 2010

Another Damn Technical Note

Dear Readers:

Recently I did a post about my hopes for eventually moving the audio content of this blog to HTML5-based players so that a wider variety of browsers could support them without issue. In the meantime, though, we'll continue to offer Flash-based MP3 players as this form has the widest acceptance.

Just this week, however, Odeo.com -- the company that supplies the lovely matching flash player -- has spontaneously decided to drop off the face of the planet, causing all my flash players to disappear. Nice. Thanks for the warning, jack-offs.

I've corrected the problem by switching to another Flash/MP3 player that resides on my own webspace instead of calling another company, so we won’t be having that issue again, but it will take quite a long time to retrofit onto all the old entries. I beg your indulgence as I take some time this weekend to fix this up, starting with the most recent entries which have already been done.

Sorry for the minor inconvenience. If it wasn't for stupid Firefox, we could be 100% HTML5 right now but hopefully they’ll address this issue soon and then things will proceed apace.

New entries in the “Canadian Bands” thread will resume shortly. Some great stuff ahead.

Thanks for your patience.

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