17 August 2010

12 Canadian Bands - #10 Ohbijou

Some bands are difficult to describe, but not this one: sweet girlsong indie-pop.

I don’t know a whole lot about the band other than they are from Toronto, are centred around two sisters, Casey and Jennifer Mecija, and that 2009 saw their second album Beacons on Last Gang Records. It continues a style you’ll hear a lot of in Canada these days, basically wussy pop-rock with folk influences and at some classical instruments in the arrangement. This country, having spent far too long stuck on the bad side of the 80s, has now jumped into a permanent college-rock mentality (and that doesn’t bother me one little bit).

This song “New Years” happens to come with a very nice video created for them by the Toronto visual arts collective “Exploding Motor Car” so I thought it would be nice to include it rather than just the audio. This song is very representative of their stuff so I hope you enjoy their relaxing yet haunting style.

OHBIJOU "new years" directed by Exploding Motor Car from Vision Entertainment on Vimeo.

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