29 August 2010

Light Summer Listening … the August Episode of COW

Back on schedule, or at least my schedule ... the August episode of Chas’ Crusty Old Wave is now available via the website or directly from iTunes. We’ve been very pleased with the attention the show has been getting lately, and we hope you will subscribe (it’s free) so that new monthly episodes are automatically delivered to your computer.

Not many shows have the cahones to play The Fabulous Poodles in this day and age, no sir. Plus there’s a nice set of International (read: non-English) New Wave at the beginning, plus plenty of familiar favourites from bands like A Flock of Seagulls and Bananarama. Toss in a pair of Naked Weather Girls™ and now we’re cookin’ with gas.

But it’s not just great 80s music, you know -- there’s also some goofy government PSAs, a bit of Monty Python and some Barnes & Barnes, and a pro-life message from the Pork Institute as well. But yes, it’s mostly light, fun 80s music. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Post the Playlist, Chas-san...and join me over on Wordpress. ronkanefiles

chas_m said...

I will try to post this shortly. Thanks for your continued interest.

As for the Wordpress move, this will happen eventually -- but there's a couple snags I gotta work out (mostly involving having my own design) first ...